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An avid news junky, Browne draws and doodles on top of old newspaper articles. She sees newspapers as marking the passage of time through a parade of daily stories. Transforming the story, text and images into her art, she stops time and savors what is left of print as a medium. When these drawings were photocopied, accidental distortions often occurred. These distortions remind us of the way that the media filters and alters news.

Much of her work, including the newspaper drawings, is printed on cotton batting using an adapted lithography technique on an old etching press. By printing on soft cotton batting, Browne experiments with the standard idea of what a print should be. Ordinarily, prints are on paper, yet printing on soft textiles transforms a print into something tactile.

Print on cotton batting
Sex Life of Grapes
Fiber Print and Installation
Distortions in the News
print on cotton batting
27" X 35"